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Leather Area Measuring Machine (Conveyor Type)


" Suitable only for Finished Leather "


New functions like battery back – up system, self calibration, real time clock and area clipping as standard features add-up to increased reliability to make Elsam 2000 the unbeatable leather measuring machine in the world.


Both table and conveyor model machine come with infra-red scanning system.






A modern ‘Stamper’ with seven segment hot stamping head and no moving part except the stamping pad can be fitted on the machine as optional. It marks the individual Area, your company emblem and the grad on the leather itself.


No more smudging and no danger of messy ink transfers from one skin to the next since it is a hot stamping process.





    To compensate for elasticity of certain leathers and the usage of stretching such leather in pin wheel machines, the microprocessor will increase the measurement by a fixed percentage, which will be indicated on print-out the function can be disable if required, to suit the local legislation.





    The user chooses 2 limits, lower limit, upper limit, therefore classifying the hides in 3 categories – below, in between, above. For each skin the machine will automatically indicate the category, therefore sorting the hides by their size.





    By pressing the time switch current day time are displayed in individual area, skin count and total area displays. Day, month and year are set by pressing the respective switch.





    For ease of maintenance the machine is provided with self test power, and will indicate automatically to the service engineer, the condition of the measuring bridge and the exact position of defective cells, if any.





    When a cell is faulty, being ‘dead’ (no measurement), or ‘counting’ (increments continually) the self diagnostic feature will warn the operator and he should call the service department. Still it will allow him to continue to measure accurately, thanks to the self correction circuit.





    Work can start without waste of time and redoing the measurement already done when there is sudden power failure since all the data's set and values being measured are kept in memory.





    A feature wherein each batch is sorted for a predetermined area, set by the user. An interminent BEEP Sound will burst when the machine reads a value about 200sq. dm less than the preset value.





     If any skin has been fed incorrectly, you can re-measure it after actuating the skin cancel switch. The incorrect area will be subtracted from all memories and the operation will be printed clearly.



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