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Drying Chambers

" At the service of Indian leather industry since 1972 "




Have been designed with some special features and they particularly distinguish themselves on account of drying uniformity, sharpness that skins can obtain during drying process. Two / Four multiple radiators are installed on each chamber to allow a greater heat distribution and drying at a very low operating temperature. Made on modular system allowing assembly on the drying tunnel of one or more units. Excellent performance has been proved with Roller coating machines. Suitable for steam or thermic fluid.


Steam inlet is adjusted by an automatic modulating valve controlled by the thermostat placed on the outside control panel. Moreover there is a possibility of adjusting the moisture quantity available in the chamber.


Also electrical drier with latest technology is available now!


A new design Drying system has been introduced to take care of proper drying of heavy coating on upholstry leathers. These chambers come with centrifugal blowers which have a high level of performance in accordance with their capacity and blows air uniformly through the powerful single radiator fitted on the edge of the chambers. No direct blow on the leather and air circulation through the bottom of the chamber under the leather makes the drying very effective and uniform on both top and bottom. The insulation all over the chamber completely avoids any heat – loss!


Special filters are provided to clean the air inside drying tunnel.


Big access side doors with insulating panel makes maintenance very easy.


Single radiator installed on top of the drier at the entry side is made carefully to produce more than 20000 Kilo Calories of heat; fitting on the side is an added advantage making it easy to remove and fit during attending to any problem; also no dipping of oil / water on the leather.


Bi-metal thermometer is fitted on each chamber for viewing and adjusting the temperature.



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