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Global Recognition


" An ISO 9001 Certified Company "




It all started in nineteen seventy two : in a tiny, single room, only thirty six square meters in area, “protected” from fierce tropical sun by an asbestos sheet roof, this small area contained the factory R & D “facilities” and the “Office”: a solitary outpost in the red earth desert called “AUROVILLE”.


From this modest beginning close to four decades, AUROELECTRONICS has germinated into one of the very few indigenous manufactures of quality leather processing machinery in India; and, over the last five years, has blossomed into a company whose various products may be compared, favorably, with the most sophisticated and reliable similar machines produced in the developed countries.


And now Auroelectronics follows the quality system compatible with the International Standards, and our policy is to become a leading world supplier for leather measuring machines (fitted with Micro Processor based Stamper as an optional accessory) and Automatic Sprayers.


Already some discerning specialists in leather from Western countries have perceived the potential of such a source of quality machines at down-to-earth prices.




Auroelectronics now houses all its modern facilities (viz., manufacturing, sales, marketing, R & D, etc.,) in its Pondicherry works spread over a total area of 5000 square meters, with most up-to-date plant and machinery.


All these modern facilities are backed by a team of highly qualified Engineers, who supervise and co-ordinate all the manufacturing activities, including the electronic and mechanical functions, Research & Development activities, and most important - the service.


Auroelectronics has over 25 qualified degree holders and engineers who graduated / post graduated in various engineering disciplines like, electrical, mechanical, computer and control systems.


Our founder (Late) Mr. André Viozat of AUROELECTRONICS, the former captain and the moving spirit behind the organization, ensured that the work fully met the rigid standards of quality and performance that he set. His experience of over twenty five years in the Indian Electronics industry, backed by a solid reputation was the focus of an efficient and dedicated team of able managers. Ms. Chandrika Krishnan, his wife and successor to his position, continues to steer the Company with same dedication and spirit of venture.




The ELSAM 2000 Microprocessor Machine, a wonder product, was developed in a span of just 18 months on the basis of experience accumulated with the earlier models, series ELSAM 3; and in a short time became a hit in the market, to the utter disappointment of those who were still making brash attempts to copy the obsolete models and sell.


The second machine, a superb 35 feet long ROTARY SPRAYER, is at present rolling out at the pace of four per month.


The total population of machines delivered has long crossed the 1000 mark.


These world standard machines, and others now being developed, are supported by a host of peripheral products such as :


LABEL PRINTING ATTACHMENT: for the measuring machine.


AUTOMATIC 7 SEGMENT STAMPER: for stamping the area of the hides during measurement, through hot transfer technology.


ECONOMISER: For the Spraying Machine a microprocessor based module which performs all control functions (and more) that used to require 10 densely populated electronic boards in the seventies.


And a complete range of accessories: guns, pumps, distributors, etc., and their spares, nozzles, needles, air cap etc.,


AUROELECTRONICS Measuring and Spray Systems are installed and are successfully running in over 1000 tanneries in India and neighboring countries. They speak for themselves of the quality of the products and the extent of market coverage / patronage and recognition being enjoyed by the Company.




AUROELECTRONICS has evolved into a modern, professionally managed establishment, with accounts and inventory, cash flow, and funds flow forecasts being fully computerized.


The materials Resources planning system (MRP II) was developed in house and hence is totally adapted to our specific requirement. It gives unique graphical reports of the position of the stocks, with respect to particular products, showing the passage of a part through the different stages of manufacturing.


The stores are modern, almost paperless, clean and orderly.


All the Departments are linked (in addition to the computer network), by digital PABX, and can communicate to the world through Phone, Fax, or Email.




Things have changed considerably since the beginnings in 70s; the modern factory and administrative units, occupying a prominent place in the Thattanchavady Industrial Estate, located in the outskirts of Pondicherry, is today capable of turning out as many as six Measuring Machines and one Sprayer plant a Week, though production varies according to the actual requirements of this specialized market.


After the next phase is implemented all sheet metals parts will be interchangeable and production and storage of chassis parts will be further standardized. The ‘Final Assembly’ will be eliminated and any model could be shipped within a few hours, further multiplying the production capacity by a factor of 2 or 3, while decreasing the costs.


The company has gone from strength to strength, adding facilities as required. For example, several heavy duty machines, such as a Hydraulic Press Brakes, Metal Turning Centers, Power Hacksaws, Cylindrical Grinder and Hydraulic Shearing Machines, etc., (rare in the usually labour intensive local environment), have been installed.


These machines support the already comprehensive Milling Center, which is complemented by sophisticated MIG Argon welding machine, Plasma Cutting Equipments, etc.,


The working environment is kept neat and clean and the employees find their work easier, and can therefore contribute to the efficiency of the unit. The company also gives work to a myriad of ancillary units in and around Pondicherry, including CNC units for the gun parts. Most of the hundreds of parts are manufactured outside, as per proprietary drawings and specification under strict Quality Control from Auroelectronics.




The Service Department handles the support of many hundreds of satisfied owners of Elsam Measuring Machines, Sprayers, and various equipments such as colour analyzers, economizers etc., supplied by the Company.


The Leather industry is an area where service attention at quarterly intervals is the norm even in the absence of any failure, and this is necessitated by the adverse environment in which these precision machines are put to work. They need periodic cleaning and recalibration, eventual overhauling and / or repairs. With this, machines supplied 20 years back are still working well.


With the large installed base of machines, this regular attention requires thousands of calls per year: which translates to many calls every day; and the calls may come from almost anywhere in India: - from Kerala to Punjab. And, on occasion, from Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, Lebanon, Nigeria, etc,.


To meet these demanding requirements, and enhance the productivity of the users, as well as systematizing the work of the Service Engineers, AUROELECTRONICS has implemented a policy of Preventive Maintenance.


To ensure continuity of service, machines exported to remote countries are offered with an optional Kit of basic spares.


Though AUROELECTRONICS products, with their in-built quality and reliability, are their own best sales promoters, the quality and the reputation of their service also contribute to the high degree of success that they have achieved.


Perhaps it is relevant to mention here the philosophy of selling at AUROELECTRONICS. In tune with the company’s policy. Mr. S. Nathar, the Chief of Sales & Service who puts his iron fist in the Service Department telling that their main work is not sales but “customer support”.


In fact, “Service comes before sales”, is the underlying philosophy which is enthusiastically endorsed by the whole staff, starting from Service Department, and flowing through the entire team. They believe that in the long run, high pressure selling techniques or ‘hit and run’ attitude, “ negative selling”, always have a boomerang effect, and they are fully aware that the result of trying to force a quick sale may bring disastrous consequences: - the eventual loss of two or three potential sales.


They know and act on the proven fact that a real successful sales executive will interact between the marketing, R & D, Finance and Service Departments, not forgetting, of course to constantly appraise himself of the production activities that are under way on the factory floor.


Their primary motivation is to make the customers happy and win over them forever.          “YOUR SATISFACTION IS OURS”. This is the motto of AUROELECTRONICS, for the past          39 + years.




Exports are the acid test of quality. Prompt service can be an acceptable substitute for better reliability in the local Market. But when machines go overseas they have to be very reliable. AUROELECTRONICS has exported her products to Lebanon, Nigeria, UAE, Malaysia, Bangladesh, and Nepal…. to the satisfaction of their buyers.


With constant efforts to improve further the designs incorporating the latest “State of Art” designs which are now considered on par with those of European make in terms of sophistication and technology – yet far less expensive.AUROELECTRONICS is now ready to approach the discerning Western Markets and the USA. A Full fledged Export Division is being set up for the purpose.




Never being content to rest on its laurels, the company maintains an intense, on –going R & D activity; a continuing process conducted by a team of indefatigable, bright and knowledgeable engineers working with dedication, not only maintaining the current products but also beating the competition with features well before they can even imagine.


This innovative policy saw significant results in Jan ’83 with the introduction of the ELSAM 2000, a wonder machine: with diagnostic and self correcting facilities that even is able to compensate for the rare times when one or more photocells have come to the end of their working life, and keep the measurements correct.


Other facilities include:


Provision to record and/or print out the name and address of the measuring room, date, client reference or order numbers (s).


Application of Automatic compensation for variable quality of leather.


Complete sorting and counting of batches, in three pre-defined groups of sizes.


Self Calibration, Real Time Clock and date.


A Short time later, as an impressive encore, the RECI 2000, a microprocessor based reciprocating Economiser was developed, and this, in it’s own turn, was followed by the impressive R2000 Rotary Spray Machine, also based on a Microprocessor controller.


In 1992 the splendid Compuspray 2001 saw the light of the day, resplendishing cosmetically and technologically, with its membrane feather touch main control panel and its full scratch-proof electric-blue polyester powder coating.


These sprayers are fitted with a drying tunnel with 3-4 or 5 chambers whose quality insulation saves energy. All driers are fitted with automatic regulation of the temperature. A model with micropower based, control of the both temperature and humidity in each chamber will be launched this year.


After having established themselves successfully in the above products, Auroelectronics is planning to diversify into other products which will be available in the market soon.



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