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Pigment Economiser


" A Hi-Tech Microprocessor Based System Which Saves Up To 30% Of Pigment Consumption "




R2008/12 scans the leather outside the cabin, memorises the image and triggers the opening of the guns according to the speed of the conveyor and the RPM of the carousel selected by the user.


As there is no device inside the spraying cabin, the economiser does not get contaminated by the fumes.


R2008/12 is an exceptional product and the result of the outstanding work of a dedicated team of young Indian engineers.


R2008/12 has many additional features like fancy mode, flush mode, area measuring mode, speed display mode etc.,


R2008/12 includes a complete precise Area Measuring Machine displaying the individual area, number of skins and total area with the same precision as our measuring machines.


R2008/12 is both durable and reliable. Suitable for Autospray of any make.


In addition to the saving of pigment, the economiser avoids contamination of the spraying cabin there by prolonging the life of the machine and saving labour costs in cleaning the cabin.


Comes with a one year warranty against workmanship defects and the assurance of an excellent after-sales service.


Fancy mode is an excellent option to get erractic design / effects on leather; the frequency is adjustable as required.



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