• Structure made of heavy steel; sturdy elegant chassis frame made entirely of rectangular square sections (RHS) with Hexagonal and rectangular (in case of water circulation inside the cabin) Shape.
  • Spray cabin duly phosphated, passivated and duly powder coated; now available in two different colours i.e. Pepsi blue or siemens grey; Dual colour combination with black make the entire plant look Gorgeous.
  • Variable speed for both carrousal and conveyor standard on all machines – (Electronic drives available as optional supply at extra cost).
  • Powerful suction with single / double exhaust designed for very economic power ratings.
  • In easy to clean Spray Cabin with large sliding glass windows all around – easily removable for convenience access to the spray guns.
  • Sturdy carrousal with 8/12 arms with relevant gun support holders – adjustable in height.
  • All pneumatic control for the carrousal functions are located in a control panel easily accessible.
  • Carefully designed for effective results with very low power consumption.
  • 2/3 way central distributor shaft, campact and light weight wear proof & leak proof with teflonsealings.
  • Gear motor to drive the carrousal with rotate speed adjustable from 10 to 30 RPM – (Electronic drive available optionally).
  • Facility for double or even trible circuit facility enabling fixing of three different type of guns i.e. Airless, HVLP and ordinary.
  • Effective moisture separator provided at the inlet of airline along with filter, lubricator and Regulator as required.
  • An optional Running water system with SS Plat form and Paint trays connected to the fume purification point made of stainless steel with the flow of water for washing down the spray fumes so that maximum solid contents like pigments dye resin etc., get mixed with the water and then reducing deposit on the impeller and chimney. Air pollution and frequency for clearing the chimney are considerably reduced.
  • A stand by measuring machine when not in use as spraying machine.
  • All spares readily available at a very competitive prices and terms.
  • A team of highly qualified Customer - friendly Resident Service Engineers stationed all over India in all major leather cities at your beck and call.
  • Made of sturdy RHS Rectangluar steel frames.
  • Drive roller of 219mm dia with guide springs of separation step of 20mm & mounted on strong supports.
  • Adequate tiny rollers of 35mm dia with Nylon fins of 115mm dia.
  • All bearings are of imported make with protected casings.
  • Emergency mushroom switch fitted at both feeding and receiving end.
  • Conveyor speed is variable from 6mts. to 18mts. per second.
  • A rotary nylon brush roller with water tray made of stainless steel is an optional fitting which enables brushing of the roller systematically and thus keeping the conveyor clean.
  • Also motorized scrapper - in which the conveyor loops go through two tiny rollers fitted with stainless steel blades – is supplied optionally which removes dried up deposits from the loops systematically.


  • A Hi-Tech Microprocessor Based System Which Saves Up To 30% Of Pigment Consumption.
  • R2008/12 scans the leather outside the cabin, memorises the image and triggers the opening of the guns according to the speed of the conveyor and the RPM of the carousel selected by the user.
  • As there is no device inside the spraying cabin, the economiser does not get contaminated by the fumes.
  • R2008/12 is an exceptional product and the result of the outstanding work of a dedicated team of young Indian engineers.
  • R2008/12 has many additional features like fancy mode, flush mode, area measuring mode, speed display mode etc.,
  • R2008/12 includes a complete precise Area Measuring Machine displaying the individual area, number of skins and total area with the same precision as our measuring machines.
  • R2008/12 is both durable and reliable. Suitable for Autospray of any make.
  • In addition to the saving of pigment, the economiser avoids contamination of the spraying cabin there by prolonging the life of the machine and saving labour costs in cleaning the cabin.
  • Comes with a one year warranty against workmanship defects and the assurance of an excellent after-sales service.
  • Fancy mode is an excellent option to get erractic design / effects on leather; the frequency is adjustable as required.

Pigment Pumps


This pump operates on pressure difference between the two faces of the membrane thereby extending the life of the pump. It uses less moving parts and hence less wearout.

Airless System
  • Airless painting is a new environment friendly technology utilising high pressure to pulverise the liquid by forcing it through a small aperture made of very hard material.It has the following advantages.
    1. Can pulverise high viscosity materials.
    2. A minimum of bounce-back fumes.
    3. Saving on solvents.
    4. Power saving
    5. Better, thicker coating.
  • This pump reduces overspray mist by 80 – 90%, making a cleaner, healthier environment.
  • At present the facility to adopt the above system is provided on request at cost.

Spray Guns

  • In addition to ordinary Spray gun (both Indegenous& Imported) we also supply imported HVLP Spray guns on request.
  • HVLP Spray Gun is designed to replace high pressure automatic guns without modification to existing support equipment. The HVLP spray gun produces the same finely atomised finish as old style high pressure guns. Fluid can be supplied to the gun from any low pressure pump / pressure pot.

Drying Chambers

  • Have been designed with some special features and they particularly distinguish themselves on account of drying uniformity, sharpness that skins can obtain during drying process. Two / Four multiple radiators are installed on each chamber to allow a greater heat distribution and drying at a very low operating temperature. Made on modular system allowing assembly on the drying tunnel of one or more units. Excellent performance has been proved with Roller coating machines. Suitable for steam or thermic fluid.
  • Steam inlet is adjusted by an automatic modulating valve controlled by the thermostat placed on the outside control panel. Moreover there is a possibility of adjusting the moisture quantity available in the chamber.
  • Also electrical drier with latest technology is available now!
  • A new design Drying system has been introduced to take care of proper drying of heavy coating on upholstery leathers.These chambers come with centrifugal blowers which have a high level of performance in accordance with their capacity and blows air uniformly through the powerful single radiator fitted on the edge of the chambers. No direct blow on the leather and air circulation through the bottom of the chamber under the leather makes the drying very effective and uniform on both top and bottom.The insulation all over the chamber completely avoids any heat – loss!
  • Special filters are provided to clean the air inside drying tunnel.
  • Big access side doors with insulating panel make maintenance very easy.
  • Single radiator installed on top of the drier at the entry side is made carefully to produce more than 20000 Kilo Calories of heat; fitting on the side is an added advantage making it easy to remove and fit during attending to any problem; also no dipping of oil / water on the leather.
  • Bi-metal thermometer is fitted on each chamber for viewing and adjusting the temperature.

  • Cooling Chamber called as Ventilating Chamber containing the air filter mesh and jets for uniform spread is fitted at the end of the drying chambers on the conveyor frame.This unit is supplied with single impeller for 1800 mm width and Double Impeller for 2400 mm / 3000 mm width.

  • Aspirator called as moisture seperator is fitted on the drying chamber to take away the excess moisture inside the chambers. This avoids water dripping on leather due to humidity and improves drying drastically. This optional supply for drier is made as standard supply in Infrared Drier due to necessity.

  • A Hi-tech electrical control panel is provided in all machines with all safety devices, indicator and fuses well designed for protecting the electrical motors from high voltage in the main line.
  • This is mounted on special sturdy frames fitted on the conveyor frame.
  • Complete wiring is made possible to be very neat by taking the cables through PVC trunking sections fitted on MS rigid platform specially made.
    • Also the entire cables are protected for proper insulations.