ELM 3000


Auroelectronics introduces the ELM 3000 a microcontroller based system for measuring leather with sorting, printing, stamping-compensation-self diagnostic self-correction and more.

Auroelectronics has solid experience of Leather measurement and profound expertise in microcontroller technology. The result is more than an improved version: it is a new machine, synthesis of most of the facilities previously offered optionally, with added precision and total security as the machine decodes itself in case of wrong measurement due to “dead cell” or “counting cell”. Batch measurements, sub totals, grand totals, day’s total,. ‘Skin cancel’, compensation, self-test, automatic correction, size sorting and many other features make ELM 3000 the most intelligent measuring machine ever made.

ELM 3000 unique in the world the measuring of the 21st century…..

The group Auro is engaged in designing and manufacturing the Rotary Economizer ROTA 2008 for Automatic Spraying machines, Area Measuring Machine, from scratch with the aim of an ideal machine where all the functions are neatly integrated in a wholesome system and where the frustrating problem of short measurements due to dead cells would be done with, forever.

The result is ELM 3000 a machine conceived logically and designed professionally for maximum reliability and flexibility. Over 2000 measuring machines are successfully working in India and other countries of the world to the benefit of their happy owners.

Common Specifications
  • Conveyor speed: 30 to 40m/minute (variable speed drive optional).
  • Overall Height: 1.38m (1.49m for deluxe model) subtracts 27cm for height excluding display.
  • Optional: Hot foil stamper, Barcoder, PC compatibility
  • We reserve the right to amend any of the specifications given in this leaflet without notice.
Model Measuring Width Length Overall Width Dot Matrix Printer Sorter HotFoil Stamper Usage
LC* 1000 X 2.5 1m 2.5 m 1.25 m Optional Small skins
LC* 1400 X 3.5 1.4m 3.5m 1.8m Optional Goat & Sheep
LC*1800 X 4.75 1.8m 4.75m 2.0m Optional Goat, Sheep &Sides
LC* 2400 X 5.5 2.4m 5.5m 2.7m Optional Sides& Hides
LC* 3000X 5.5 3.0m 5.5m 3.3m Optional Sides& Hides
LC* 3200 X 5.5 3.2m 5.5m 3.5m Optional Sides , Hides & All imported hides upholstery