A highly precision measuring machine with latest technology to give an yield while measuring the skins, especially for the soft leathers such as Suede, Nappa, Crumbled, Liner, Oilpullup etc., where much folding prevents the exact measurement in the conventional machines.

Optional :
  • The multiple option of printing mode is 21/40/80 columns for the dot matrix printer.
  • A stamping unit can be fixed with an extended conveyor assembly.
  • A thermistor controlled stamper unit can be availed as an optional which can stamp up to 1300 skins per hour.
  • A barcode printer could be connected with the machine where you can print minimum 6 parameters along with individual area of the skin with measuring unit.
  • The machine can be linked with your computer for data storage or the data can be directly copied on a pen drive from the machine.
  • On special request the machine can be linked to the clientele inventory software on an additional cost.