With the facilities available in the beginning, it could only be expected that the output was not anything to be excited about, and the first client, after paying his advance, had to be patient, and wait for more than a year before his measuring machine could roll off the “assembly line”.

Since those early days, things have changed considerably; the modern factory and administrative unit, occupying a prominent place in the thattanchavady industrial Estate, located on the outskirts of Pondicherry, is today capable of turning out as many as six Measuring Machines and one Sprayer plant a Week, (i.e. a turnover of 1,00,000 Us dollars a week at international value) though production varies according to the actual requirements of this specialized market.

After the next phase is implemented (in 1997-98) all sheet metal parts will be interchangeable and production and storage of chassis parts will be further standardized. The ‘Final Assembly’ will be eliminated and any model could be shipped within a few hours, further multiplying the production capacity by a factor of 2 or 3, while decreasing the costs.

The company has gone from strength to Strength, adding facilities as required. For example, several heavy duty machines, such as a Hydraulic press Brakes, metal turning centers, power hacksaws, cylindrical grinder and Hydraulic shearing machines, etc., (rarities in the usually labour intensive local environment), have been installed.

These machines support the already comprehensive milling center, which is complemented by sophisticated MIG Argon welding machine, plasma cutting equipments and a 10 Tons E.O.T. crane.

All the finished product are pretreated with acid and Powder coated in our own premises itself.

We are proud to boast that we have a complete company with all the latest technology machineries so that Iron sheets, angles, bolts and nuts all are formed into a full machine and packed out .

The working environment is kept neat and clean and the employees find their work easier, and can therefore contribute to the efficiency of the unit. The company also gives work to a myriad of ancillary units in Pondicherry and around, including CNC units for the gun parts. Most of the hundreds of parts are manufactured outside, as per proprietary drawings and specification under Strict control from Auroelectronics.