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" At the service of Indian leather industry since 1972 "


   Leather Area Measuring Machine (Conveyor Type)

Suitable only for finished leather... New functions like battery back – up system, self calibration, real time clock and area clipping as standard features add-up to increased reliability to make Elsam 2000 the unbeatable leather area measuring machine in the world.

   Leather Area Measuring Machines (Table Type)

Suitable only for finished leather... Much more Precise and Reliable. Minimum power consumption. Occupies minimum floor space. Allows you to stretch the leather as you like. Stamping is made possible with the extended conveyor in table de-lux machines.

   Leather Area Measuring Machines (Table Type With Bar-Coding)

Suitable only for finished leather...Bar-coding machine is incorporated with the Table type machine which enables to accommodate selected information of the leather which is endorsed on a sticker and pasted on the leather. This system is used worldwide. Bar-coding system is very useful and an added advantage for the buyers.

   Leather Area Measuring Machines (Split Belt Type)

Suitable for both finished leather and wet blue leather...The incidence of ambient light is much reduced which improve precision and allows the machine to work well even in brighter light. Independence from tube light failure hence higher reliability. Even thin transparent leather can be measured accurately. Now available in table model too.


   Leather Area Measuring Machines (Flat Belt Type)

Suitable only for Wetblue Leather... Micro Processor based electronic system with INFRA RED scanning bridge provides reliable & accurate surface area with Printer facility. Very convenient to feed heavy wetblue. Highly accurate. Structure made of stainless steel to provide resistance against corrosion. Very convenient to spread and feed completely wet leathers.


   Leather Component Measuring Machines ELCAM 600

Electronic Leather Component Area Measuring Machine... Very accurate measurement upto 0.1 cm, compact in size, Easy for transport, Convenient to measure leather patterns/components. Useful in shoe units and leather garment industries. Facility for data transfer to system available optionally.


   Compuspray R 2008/12

Automatic Rotary Leather Spraying Machine... All pneumatic controls for the carousal functions are located in a control panel easily accessible. Carefully designed for effective results with very low power consumption.


   Hand Spray Booth

Sledge pump provided to make easier the running water system even with sediments. Swivel electrical control panel, powerful exhaust impeller are added features. Most of the components made by stainless steel with running water system and water sprinklers at the exhaust tunnel.


   Conventional Drier

Conventional drier connected to roller coater... Provide uniform and maintain the required temperature through hot air circulation system with help of temperature controller system.Two radiators are installed in each chamber to allow a greater heat distribution and drying at low operating temperature.Made on modular system allowing assembly on the drying tunnel of one or more units.The automatic aspirator system provides to control the humidity so as to dry the leather effectively.The drier is suitable both for steam and thermal fluid heat source.

   Infra Red Drier

Provides the fixation of the brissa chemicals quickly and successfully and it is good alternate for conventional drier as it’s more advantageous.It has automatic temperature control system, Aspirator system for economic & quick leather drying purpose. Made of Imported Ceramic Infra Red Heaters which provides pollution and noise free atmosphere promoting healthy environment.

   Micro Drier

Based on infra – red technology, automatic timer helps to set the drying timing decided by the user.
• Ideal to be used along with hand spray booth.
• Hi – tech economy drier
• Very compact in size thus saving the space
• Automatic temperature setting with all safety measures


   Drying Chamber

Provide uniform and maintain the required temperature through hot air circulation system with help of temperature controller system. Two radiators are installed in each chamber to allow a greater heat distribution and drying at low operating temperature.


   Spray Guns

In addition to ordinary Spray Gun (both Indigenous & Imported) we also supply imported LVLP Spray Guns on request. LVLP Spray Gun is designed to replace high pressure automatic guns without modification to support existing equipment. The LVLP spray gun produces the same finely atomised finish as old style high pressure guns. Fluid can be supplied to the gun from any low pressure pump / pressure pot. (make: Anest Iwata)

   Pigment Pumps

This pump operates on pressure difference between the two faces of the membrane thereby extending the life of the pump. It uses less moving parts and hence less wearout.


   Pigment Economisers

A Hi-Tech Microprocessor Based System Which Saves Up To 30% Of Pigment Consumption. Scans the leather outside the cabin, memorises the image and triggers the opening of the guns according to the speed of the Conveyor and the RPM of the carousal selected by the user.

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