Research & Development

Never being content to rest on its laurels.. the company maintains an intense and on going Research & Development activity; a continuing process conducted by a team of indefatigable, bright and knowledgeable engineers working with dedication,Not only maintaining the current products, usually well before the competition can even imagine their features!

This innovative policy saw significant results in january 1983 with the introduction of the ELSAM 2000, a wonder machine: with diagnostic and self correcting facilities that even is able to compensate for the rare times when one or more photocells have come to the end of their working life, and keep the measurements correct.

Other facilities include:

Provision to record and/or print out the name and address of the measuring room, date, client reference or order numbers (s). Automatic compensation for variable quality of leather can be applied.

Complete sorting and counting of batches, in three pre-defined groups of sizes.

Self Calibration, Real Time Clock and date.

A Short time later, as an impressive encore, the RECI 2000, a microprocessor based reciprocating Economiser was developed, and this, in it’s own turn, was followed by the impressive R2000 Rotary Spray Machine, also based on a Microprocessor controller.

In 1992 the splendid Compuspray 2001 saw the light of the day, replenishing cosmetically and technologically, with its membrane feather touch main control panel and its full scratch-proof electric-blue polyester powder coating.

These sprayers are fitted with a drying tunnel with 3-4 or 5 chambers whose quality insulation saves energy. All driers are fitted with automatic regulation of the temperature.A model with micro power based, control of the both temperature and humidity in each chamber will be launched in this year.

This strong R&D policy continues to this date, and will see the introduction of still newer and better products, as and when the need arises.

The market will be surprised to see that products, which seemed to have attained the final perfection, still are being transcended, in an on-going pursuit of an Up-to-the-Time Technology, the symbol at technical level of Human Evolution. The reflection, at our level of the Unfolding of consciousness in the world, of a Universal Dynamism, the joyous and perpetual movement towards an unreachable and fathomless perfection.