The service Department handles the support of many hundreds of satisfied owners of Elsam Measuring Machines, Sprayers, and various equipment’s such as colour analyzers, economizers etc., supplied by Auroelectronics.

Since service support is the success mantra for our products we have positioned residential service engineers in all the main Leather industry cities such as New Delhi, Kanpur, Kolkata, Jalandhar, Vaniyambadi, Ambur, Chennai and Ranipet. The Leather industry is an area where service attention at quarterly intervals is the norm even in the absence of any failure, and this is necessitated by the adverse environment in which these precision machines are put to work. They need periodic cleaning and recalibration, eventual overhauling and / or repairs. With this, machines supplied 40 years back are still working well.

With the large installed base of machines, this regular attention requires thousands of calls per year: which translates to many calls every day; and the calls may come from almost anywhere in India: - from kerala to the Punjab. And, on occasion, from Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand or Malaysia Lebanon or Nigeria.

To meet these demanding requirements, and enhance the productivity of the users, as well as systematizing the work of the service Engineer, AUROELECTRONICS has implemented a policy of preventive Maintenance.

To ensure continuity of service, machines exported to remote countries are offered with an optional Kit of basic spares.

Though AUROELECTRONICS products, with their in-built quality and reliability, are their own best sales promoters, the quality and the reputation of their service also contribute to the high degree of success that they have achieved.

In fact, “Service comes before sales”, asserts with a smile, is the underlying philosophy is enthusiastically endorsed by the whole staff, starting from Service Department, and flowing through the entire team. They believe that in the long run, high pressure selling techniques or ‘hit and run’ attitude, “ negative selling”, always have a boomerang effect, and they are fully aware that the result of trying to force a quick sale may bring disastrous consequences: - the eventual loss of two or three potential sales.

They know and act on the proven fact that a real successful sales executive will interact between the marketing, R & D, Finance and service departments, not forgetting, of course to constantly appraise himself of the production activities that are under way on the factory floor.

Their primary motivation is to make the customers happy and keep them your.“YOUR SATISFACTION IS OURS”. This is the motto of AUROELECTRONICS, for the past 43 years.