Auroelectronics is the pioneer in manufacturing of Leather finishing equipment’s such as
Leather Area Measuring Machines and Autospray Automatic Rotary leather Spraying machines.

Our various models are :-
  • Leather Area Measuring Machine Table Model suitable for Finished Leather .
  • Leather Area Measuring Machine Split Belt Model & Conveyor Model with Stamper option.
  • Full belt leather area machine suitable for Wetblue
  • Autospray rotary spraying machine with drying chambers consisting of infra red heaters for the Finished Leather Industies
  • Table Delux model machine.

our Popular products are :

At the service ofthe Indian leather industry since 1972


Compuspray 2012 is used for fast spraying of leather hides with various water or thinner based chemicals, pigments, paints or varnishes. It is available in various configurations and width of 1400,1800,2400 and 3000mm.

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Table Delux

A highly precision measuring machine with latest technology to give an yield while measuring the skins, especially for the soft leathers such as Suede, Nappa, Crumbled, Liner, Oilpullup etc.,

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ELM 3000

Auroelectronics introduces the ELM 3000 a microcontroller based system for measuring leather with sorting, printing, stamping-compensation-self diagnostic self-correction and more.

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